Tombstone and Gravestone Cleaning In Edison, NJ

Just like funerals, graves and columbarium niches are not for the dead.  They’re for the living.  They serve as tangible reminders of the love we shared with lost family and friends in life.  Our memories of them never fade, but the comfort of a physical site is undeniable for those the departed leave behind.

Since time immemorial, human beings have raised physical markers in memory of those who’ve left this life.  At NJ Grave Care, we honor their memories with exceptional concierge grave care.  We stand in the gap for family and friends who are distant from the grave site, or have infirmities which prevent them from tending to the final resting places of loved ones.

Our service brings comfort to New Jersey families who can’t be present to honor the graves of their departed loved ones.  Part of our service is tombstone and gravestone cleaning in Edison, NJ.  We practice this service with fine attention to detail, ensuring there’s no damage to the marker, or the surrounding area.  We take pride in offering outstanding grave care services to people in New Jersey.

When you can’t be there.

NJ Grave Care is a reliable alternative to grave tending when you can’t be there.  As much as we all want to maintain the final resting places of loved ones in immaculate condition, it’s not always possible.  Distance and circumstances can get in the way of our fondest wishes.  That’s where we come in, with concierge grave tending services that bring your lost loved ones the dignity of memory and ongoing care.

With NJ Grave Care, your loved one’s grave site is cared for diligently, with attention to detail and respect for the importance of the physical memorial.  Our business is about people and their need to hold departed loved ones in their hearts and minds.  A big part of that is maintaining the final resting place in tidy, respectful order.  When you can’t be there, NJ Grave Care will be.

Respectful tombstone and gravestone cleaning in Edison, NJ.

We carefully pursue tombstone and gravestone cleaning in Edison, NJ, ensuring that the marker is maintained in pristine condition.  Using products specifically intended for the purpose, we take great care not to damage surrounding grass and plants.

We also plant or place flowers (depending upon cemetery regulations), trim grass and shrubs and water and seed grass (if required).  We thoroughly maintain the site with attention to detail, ensuring it’s clear of debris.  We remove withered flowers and refresh them with new ones.

We also email you before and after photos, so you can see that your loved one’s plot is being cared for.  NJ Grave Care honors the departed and the living alike.

Our online form.

Our online form allows you to choose from a variety of grave maintenance services, building a personalized plan for the final resting place of your loved one.

Contact us to discuss tombstone and gravestone cleaning in Edison, NJ with Jason Galleid, our care liaison.  At NJ Grave Care, we bring dignity to your loved one’s final resting place.